Volunteers make an enormous contribution to Nepal every year – from teaching, to conservation; from aiding the country’s development to helping out in orphanages.

Many companies in the West make a large amount of money out of providing holidays to ‘voluntourists’. Sometimes the premium paid for these trips goes to help fund the operational activities of the charities concerned. In these cases it is not an uncommon experience for volunteers to realise that their presence is a burden tolerated in exchange for their money. Other times this premium purely translates to the arranging organisation’s bottom line.

We do not feel that it is right to profit from volunteers, and so do not charge more than the most basic of administration costs for arranging placements. In turn, we ask that potential volunteers take their commitments seriously. A couple of weeks of volunteer teaching is more likely to prove disruptive than helpful, and even a few months helping in an orphanage can be of ambiguous benefit when vulnerable children begin to form bonds of trust, only for the volunteer to disappear, never to be heard from again. We ask that you reflect seriously on your involvement before taking the time to apply.

In the case of placements involving working closely with children, we also require background checks as appropriate for your country of origin.

There are many good providers of placements in Nepal, and, regardless of who you use, we recommend talking directly with former volunteers in order to assess the efficacy and professionalism of the charity, as well as the nature of the experience.


Teaching Placements

We are currently offering teaching placements of 5 months in the village of Kalopani, near Jomsom. This may involve English teaching, or the tuition of specific technical skills. If interested, please contact us on contact@bluesheeptrekking.com to learn more.

Administration fee: $50 + background checks
Placement costs: Accommodation and/or food can be arranged with a local family, or in a local hotel, depending on your budget and preference. There are a variety of transportation methods to reach Kalopani, ranging from a series of local buses all the way from Kathmandu, to flights to nearby Jomsom and a connecting jeep ride. Costs vary depending on your chosen method. It is easily possible to live in the village for significantly less than $100/week.